Serge Primi, Owner

Serge  is a chartered professional accountant and was a partner with
KPMG for more than 20 years. His passion for wine took it over.

Since he was young and from his family origin, he has been highly
interested by the wine and has acquired enough knowledge to go
forward with the big step. However, he considers that the best strategy
was to retain a well experience oenologist, an agronomist and a
manager  who has completed his university degree in viticulture and
oenology in the region of Champagne.
Christiane St-Onge, Owner

Christiane has a master degree in library and is in charge of the  
Robert-Bourassa library in Outremont.

Born in Drummondville et and daughter of a farmer, she discovered a
passion for the vine and, of course, for the tasting of what is made of it.
Full of energy, she loves to take charge of exciting projects within the
operations of the vineyard.
Robin Kristner, Manager of the vineyard

Born in Hautvillers, in Champagne (France), he achieved his university
degree in oenology and viticulture.

Fifth generation of winmakers, he brings a great expertise to the
Jérémie d’Hauteville, Oenologist

Jérémie is from the region of Rhône and obtained his degree at
University of Montpelier in France.

Co-owner of Oenoquébec, he worked as an oenologist in France and in
Jasmine Primi

Jasmine provides her magic touch during the spring pruning and
takes care of the beauty of the vineyard during the summer.
Jean François Péloquin, Agronomist

Jean-François is involved in the vineyard activities since 2006 and
1997 in the field of agriculture. He has obtained a diploma in
agronomy from McDonald College of M'cGill University as well as a
diploma in sommelerie from ITHQ.
Côte de Vaudreuil Vineyard