Wine : sparkling rosé, traditional method

Vintage : 2012

Grape varieties : Frontenac gris, Sabrevois

Description from M. Guénaël Revel : The robe is particularly reddening but translucent.
The aroma is very fresh, first on strawberries and then on cherries. It has a fruity taste, free of
tannins.  The effervescence is well achieved, bubbles are tiny, lasting for long, compact and fill
pleasantly the palate, providing a nice smoothness.  After few minutes in the glass,  a floral aroma
appears (violet), the wine becomes more "feminine", more refined.
Wine pairing : Chicken and cranberry compote canapés, lobster

Alcohol : 12,5%

Bottle : 750 ml

Temperature : Serve at 8 - 10° C.

Price : 26 $
Côte de Vaudreuil Vineyard