Tasting : Discover, Taste, Enjoy...

Come,walk and visit the vineyard by yourself. The visit includes the tasting of the wines of
Côte de Vaudreuil vineyard; an increasing part of our wines are certified  " Vin du Québec
certifiés ". This pastille provides assurance of the origin as well as a tracking of our products.

Tasting of 4 wines with some crackers,
small piece of cheese or chocolate
- Côté Plateau (White wine)
                                - Pépino (Rosé wine)         
                                - Tango (Red wine)
                                - Point Final (Fortified wine)

Price :  $5 per person and free upon the purchase of $20 or more of our products.

Date : June 16 to October 15 : From Wednesday to Sunday
           October 16 to June 15 : Saturday and Sunday

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Tour : Walk, Breathe, Learn...

Tour can be free or guided. During the tour, you will find the characteristics of the vines
planted at the vineyard. We will be pleased to share our passion and let you discover our
viticulture universe.

The guided tour of 90 minutes includes :
- Tour of the vineyard
                                              - Tour of the fermentation room
                                              - Tasting of 4 wines

Price :  15 $ per person (Reservation required for groups)

Date : June 16 until harvest time
           Saturday and Sunday at 2pm
           During the week for groups only and by appointment
Pic-Nic : Bring, Eat, Relax,...

The moto of the vineyard is  "Bring your pic-nic but don't bring your wine". Tables
are available for everyone to enjoy a good meal with a good bottle.

Price : Free

Date : From Wednesday to Sunday during the season
Harvest : Book, Participate, Experience ...

Participation is open for all; however, appointment is required.  During the day, a meal is
offered by the vineyard as well as a bottle of wine for a thank you.  

Price : Free

Date : Generally between mid-september and early october

Groups happening

Corporate meetings, cocktails, wine and cheese, happy hours...Organize your event à la
carte, outside or inside. Choose your dates, your representative and the vineyard will take
care of the rest.

Price : Based on your needs

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Côte de Vaudreuil Vineyard